(NNM™) is a modern alternative to an effective classic mesotherapy method. NNM™ uses pulses of electrical energy specially designed to relieve the congested tissue. The NNM™ treatment is based on a new technique called Aquaphoresis™, which uses laser technology and specialized electrical waveforms to help reactivate specific physiological processes in tissue that contribute to the formation of cellulite. These processes include microcirculation, lymph drainage and enhanced blood flow. The Aquaphoresis™ process is based on the synergic effect of:
Laser stimulation
Effect of active substances in deep tissue
Muscle tonization
Lymphatic stimulation

Each treatment session lasts about 30 minutes and the patient needs to complete a series of 8-10 sessions to achieve results. Typical benefits are seen after 5 or 6 visits although results obviously depend on the severity of the cellulite or wrinkle condition. Aquaphoresis™ is very patient friendly and you will not experience any discomfort during the treatment session. The parameters used in Aquaphoresis™ are adjustable to suit each patient and you can customize treatment intensity so as to eliminate any discomfort. After each session the patient may return to normal activity with no downtime. In the first part of the treatment series, it is recommended to schedule several visits close together for reaching the best result possible.

This revolutionary technology uses dermoelectroporation to transfer the Mesotherapy medications into the dermis.
No Needles, No Injections – NO-NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY™!
We are one the first medical clinics in Asia to offer this innovative technique. Please contact our clinic and schedule a consultation to discuss this latest advance in Mesotherapy and what it means for your treatment