Healthy skin contains important components that keep it supple and young looking. One of hese is hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar found in all living cells that helps maintain skin volume by attracting and binding over 1000 times its weight in water. However, with time, sunlight and other factors, the hyaluronic acid in your skin diminishes, your skin loses volume, and lines and wrinkles appear.

Now we can temporarily replace your skin’s lost hyaluronic acid using Hylaform® (hylan B gel). Hylaform® is a dermal filler made from a highly purified form of hyaluronic acid that mimics the effects of natural hyaluronic acid. When injected just below the surface of the skin, Hylaform® adds volume to the skin, smoothing unwanted lines and wrinkles such as smile lines, marionette lines, the lines above your lip and frown lines between your eyes.

Hylaform® provides immediate, natural-looking results. Treatment and recovery usually take as little as one hour. Hylaform Plus is a product that comprises a larger mean hyaluronic gel acid particle size than Hylaform. This new, effective non-surgical tool is designed to treat the deepest wrinkles and provide optimal facial contouring

Over time, Hylaform® gradually breaks down and is naturally reabsorbed by your body; therefore, our doctor may recommend touch-up treatments two or three times a year to maintain optimal appearance.