HGH Therapy brings an overall sense of well-being to the whole body. Once again you experience the energy and stamina of your youth and enjoy improved memory. Your skin appears refreshed, visibly younger and with better tone. Deep sleep helps you function more efficiently and body fat decreases. Bones are strengthened and muscle mass increased. You can live life to the fullest with a stronger immune system and an increased libido.

In summary, HGH Therapy promotes

•    Loss of body fat (av. 15%) without dieting
•    Decrease in waist/hip ratio
•    Increase in muscle mass (av. 8%) without exercise
•    Higher energy levels and exercise capacity
•    Younger, tighter, thicker skin
•    Reduced wrinkles
•    Improved mood and motivation
•    Enhanced sexual performance and libido
•    Superior immune function
•    Stronger bones
•    Improved cholesterol profile (higher HDL, lower LDL)
•    Improved sleep quality
•    Increased memory retention
•    Strengthened nails


What is the aging process?
The aging process starts when the level of certain hormones, produced in the brain, starts to decrease. This happens from about the age of 20 to 25 so that by the age of 40 we are well into the aging process and this correlates with the dramatic fall in production of these so called anti-aging hormones. The amount of HGH produced by the body after age 30 decreases about 24% per decade. By age 60,most people have about 80% less HGH than when they were 20.


What are the Anti-Aging Hormones?
The most important anti-aging hormones are HGH, DHEA, Melatonin and, to a lesser extent, Testosterone and Estrogen. These hormones together and individually give us our normal sense of well being and affect our sense of pleasure, sexual libido, help our cognitive processes such as concentration, logical thought processes, intelligence and ability to express ourselves, maintain our stamina and exercise tolerance.

So we can conclude that the aging process is associated with a decline in such qualities of life as: pleasure, libido, mental concentration and so on.

Then there are the physical attributes associated with aging: a loss of muscle mass, increase in fat deposits especially around the abdomen (so-called "middle age spread"), increase in wrinkles and loss of elasticity in the skin.

Some of the effects of this age-related "hormone deficiency" are invisible but insidious. These include an elevation of blood cholesterol and fat levels, weaker bones, weaker immune system and an increased tendency to develop heart disease and cancer.


What is the answer?


The accepted anti-aging treatment is physiological HGH replacement therapy. What does this mean?
We simply start you on a regime that replaces the hormones that you no longer produce in the body. This is perfectly natural. We are only giving you hormones that you normally have but stop making or releasing after a certain age. This is the basis of all hormone replacement programs.


What else needs to be done?
Hormone replacement therapy is one factor but not the whole story. You need to look at your whole lifestyle: what you eat. How much you exercise, whether you smoke, the environment in which you live and work. All of these issues are complementary and must be taken into account as a whole.


What exactly is the therapy?
First, a blood test will determine your current levels of cholesterol, blood fat (triglyceride), blood sugar, testosterone, and blood HGH levels. You will then receive two low dosage injections a week for the first month. You will then be re-tested to determine your new blood HGH levels. The programme continues with one injection every second day. This has been shown in numerous scientific studies to maximise the benefits of your HGH programme.

After one month, your treatment is supplemented with a low dose of testosterone which adds to the effects of HGH, especially regarding increased libido and energy and a dramatic elevation of mood. Low dosages ensure no side effects for both men and women.

Our aim at Perfect Beauty is to restore and maintain your HGH levels to 70% of your youth. It is a continuous therapy, meaning forever. Should you stop the treatment, you return to feeling your age. There are no other side effects if dosages are low and regularly monitored with blood testing.