Our patients have access to the most advanced plastic surgery services available anywhere in the world. Our chief surgeon graduated in Indonesia and undertook extensive on-the job training in Brazilian methods and techniques. Until now, Brazil is still generally acknowledged as the Mecca of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in its ability to achieve superior results.
Treatments include surgery for :

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed on the eyelids, both upper and lower. Surgery aims to improve the shape of the upper eyelid, bottom eyelid, or both; eliminate fatty deposits, wrinkles, excess skin on the upper eyelids as a result of the aging process; also tighten the skin of the lower eyelids so that the eyes look more refreshed and rejuvenated. Aesthetic surgery on the eyelids can be performed on adults. To improve the shape of eyelids due to age factors, generally performed on patients over 30-40 years. If it is due to congenital factors, surgery is generally is reserved for adulthood. Blepharoplasty procedures are fairly popular in Asia, including Indonesia.


Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation is a procedure designed to increase breast volumes through insertion of silicone or saline implants. Surgery is aimed at those who want to increase small or shrinking breast volumes, caused by genetic factors, or because of the loss of post-discharge breast tumors. This operation can also be directed to those who have lost breast volume after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.. Surgery aims to enlarge the breasts for natural results, elasticity, durablity, a beautiful cleavage and to improve breast shape on patients experiencing a decrease in breast volume (ptosis).


Liposuction or lipoplasty is a method of body contouring or action through reduction of body fat in certain body parts, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs outside and/or inside, arms, hips, cheeks, and neck. Accumulation of fat in the body can be caused by many factors. Fat accumulation caused by hereditary factors is often difficult to remove with diet and exercise alone. Liposuction is often believed to be the only way to fix the problem. Liposuction can be performed alone or with other plastic surgery procedures such as breast reduction or a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

According to statistical data from the American Aesthetic Society for Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), liposuction is a procedure which ranks first among plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. In 2007, there were approximately 456,828 people, both men and women, who had undergone this procedure, a number which continues to increase every year.

Liposuction is not only beneficial for aesthetic reasons. If the procedure is carried out in conjunction with diet and exercise, it will reduce the fat cells under the skin and fat cells in the abdomen (visceral fat). With the reduction in fat cells, then the levels of hormones that play a role in obesity, leptin (a hormone related to appetite and metabolism), and insulin can be reduced..


Rhinoplasty is surgery to reshape the nose by reducing or increasing size, change the outline, narrow the nostrils, or change the angle between the nose and upper lip. This procedure can also be performed to straighten the cartilage dividing the nostrils (septum) that sometimes causes breathing problems. Besides beauty reasons, this operation is also used to recover the shape of the nose after injury, such as breaks due to accidents, and birth defects. According to experts in aesthetic surgery, the size of the ideal nose is proportional and in harmony with the shape and structure of each person's face. Therefore, the desired nose of each person is not the same. Many want to enlarge or shrink it. But in general, until now a prominent nose common to white people is still used as a reference nose, so the races of Asia and Africa want more sharp nose surgery. However, ideally, the shape of the nose harmonizes with the face as a whole. Techniques to reshape the nose in cosmetic surgery are called rhinoplasty.


Facelift is a surgical procedure to repair and restore skin firmness in face and neck and support soft tissue structures, as well as remove excess fat. The general procedure is often performed on patients aged 40-60 years and over. However, it can also be performed for those of a younger age, according to the state of the client. This surgery can help restore confidence levels, because the face appearsyounger and fresher. A facelift will improve appearance by correcting the fall of the center of the face, deep wrinkles on the lower lids, wrinkles on the edge of the nose and the edge of the lips, jaw bones and excess skin and fat under the chin. In a facelift procedure, there are often different sub-procedures. Among other things, the lower face area (lower facelift) is normally done together with a necklift. Lower facelift is also used to overcome the problem of double chin (sagging chin). A mid facelift, undertaken to address the smile lines and laxity on the border area between the lower eyelid to the cheek (lid cheek junction) and to the upper face or forehead (forehead lift) is intended to provide a rejuvenating effect to the area around the forehead.


Browlift is a procedure to restore your facial appearance to look younger and fresher at the location over the eyes. Browlift surgery aims to enhance the shape of the eyebrows, upper eyelids, and  forehead. This operation can be performed on a client aged 40 to 70 years to help eliminate wrinkles around the brow as a result of aging and to improve drooping eyebrows.


Tummy Tuck
Tummy tuck, known in medical terminology as abdominoplasty, is part of body contouring to get a belly shape more beautiful and proportionate, as well as rejuvenate appearance. Tummy tuck is an operation aimed at removing the skin and excess fat in the abdomen, reduce skin folds in the stomach, eliminate striae (stretch marks), reposition the navel and tighten the abdominal muscles so that the stomach becomes tight and flat. Our chief surgeon graduated in Indonesia and undertook extensive on-the job training in Brazilian methods and techniques. Until now, Brazil is still generally acknowledged as the Mecca of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in its ability to achieve superior results.