Bioidentical Menopause Management is the art and science of how to mature gracefully with bioidentical corrective hormone and anti-aging approach to enable one to maintain the strength and vibrancy of youth through proper nutrition, exercise programmes and possibly supplements to correct the hormonal balances with
bioidentical hormones when the need arises, after CAATS (computer anti-aging touch screen) check up Laboratory . The aim is to keep the internal function and
the external appearance as optimal to suit the person’s needs ie., keeping your biological age below one’s chronological age.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

What Are Hormones?
Hormones are chemical messengers produced in glands such as the ovaries, thyroid, pancreas and adrenals. They control every function of our body.
Hormonal balance is the key to healthEach hormone has a specific effect on our organs and when well balanced our body functions beautifully and is in harmony with itself and its environment.


What Are Bioidentical Hormones?
BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES are, as the name implies, identical to our own naturally occurring hormones. They can be easily produced from precursors found in plants such as soy and yam, converted to bio-identical progesterone, which can be further converted to testosterone and estradiol. These hormones are then
prescribed and specifically compounded and tailor made for each patient’s individual needs by the compounding pharmacist. Advantage of BHRTNatural to enhance the hormone to optimal level only. Tailored to the individuals unique needs Custom-made, balanced formulations of natural hormones.


uses synthetic hormones, which are artificial and not identical to our hormones and possible to many side effects. They are usually in high dosages with very little
variability (one size fits all policy) and does not take into account that we are unique and our hormonal needs differ. However, they are advocated for short term use in the premenopausal period.


Advantages of HRT
•    Keep the healthy and beautiful skin.
•    Relief of hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, fatigue and decrease of bone density.
•    Improved sleep, better mood, concentration and memory.
•    Enhanced libido (sex drive).
•    Prevention of osteoporosis.
•    Better maintenance of muscle mass and strength, healthy and good body shape.